Vac bed build:

here i will detail the construction of my new vac bed. (vac bed explained here)


I've wanted one for ages but never really bothered. It was not until a couple months back when i finally got to give one a try at a local fetish event. Once tried out i was hooked and had to do the build.


On to the construction;


Dug out two sheets of latex from my box black and silver. (both from different sources. One supplier:


Figured out the height i wanted the bed to be: 80''

added 8 more for the top close (really want side but top is far more simple and quick)


so cut two pieces 88'' long.


Then clean and glued the log sides together with a 1cm seam.


Now i have a long tube that just happens to be 40'' wide


Close the bottom of the tube to complete the envelope. I did this by rounding off the corners and gluing everything closed. I had a bit of trouble getting the corners flat so i also added reinforcement patches on top of the corners.


next was off to the hardware store; got two 10' lengths of 2'' pvc central vac tubing. And fittings of course.


Parts:Frame parts

  • PVC tubing 20'

  • 3x 90 fitting

  • 1x tee fitting

  • 1x coupling


now to cut the tube:

the 10' lengths worked out perfect. Was just enough to cut one side and one end from each. 40 wide – 2x2 = 36 and same for the tall side 80 – 4 (the width of the fittings)



  • 2x 36''

  • 2x 76''


Vacuume gasket

Next was to assemble one end tube with two 90s and stuff it into the bottom of the envelope. I then marked and added glue in a small circle where i added a reinforcement gasket.

Once glue was done with the gasket i cut the hole in the envelope.


The gasket was made by creating a circle just a bit smaller then the hole i was planning to make.

Posted on July 24, 2010 .