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Leather and EL Ribbon hood

Leather hood with EL ribbon trim diffused behind silicone and a scale maille arm. The full "Death" costume includes a latex top, neoprene skirt and laser cut LED scythe.

The hood electronics are fairly simple. EL-ribbon, Li-Pol battery with a Sparkfun charger and 3v EL wire inverter. The EL wire is rather inefficient compared to LEDs, a full charge of the 1200 mAh battery gives only about 6 hours of glow. The inverter also makes an annoying high pitched tone that is audible in quiet environments. For future wearable projects with lights I will only be using LEDs.

My Death costume  @ anime north 2013

My Death costume @ anime north 2013

Costume in a different light

Costume in a different light

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8-bit "Lace" Latex Corset Progress

This is a progress update on a latex "lace" corset. The pattern is made of tiny cut squares, luckily that was done using a laser cutter, not by hand. There are literally thousands of holes cut in this piece.

Currently this project is about 40 hours in, with much of that time being spent writing custom code to take any image and generate the files to be cut using the laser cutter. If something is worth doing it is worth writing code to do!

I hope to have finished pictures up of this shortly, but personally projects always take second place to client work.

Material details:

  • Custom steel boning front and back
  • 3/4’’ waist tape
  • Speed lace rings on back
  • Hook and eye closure on front
  • 1 mm metallic red latex (back)
  • .65 mm metallic pewter latex (front)

(The latex was purchased from

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LED Corset

Some party shots of another creation, a moulded and laser cut and etched acrylic corset. The lighting comes from LEDs embedded in the acrylic. They are powered by two AA batteries and give a full night of glow.

Corset side with hexagonal top

Corset side with hexagonal top

Corset back

Corset back

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Halloween Costume photos

With the passing of Halloween comes photos recovered from the party. I think I achieved the creepy cyborg look I was going for.

The clear plastic parts are acrylic laser cut from a sheet then moulded with heat and care. Blue LEDs are embedded and powered by a combination of Li-Pol (and AAA batteries for the older pieces.) My new go to power source is a 3.7v Li-Pol battery with a constant current driver. This allows me to simply stack LEDs in parallel with no series resistors.

Taken in the photo booth

Taken in the photo booth

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Hexagon outfit

This kit was designed entirely with CAD software. Nothing fancy just take measurements and make curves. Basic pattern making skill here (need to work on that).

Free tools for this would be inkscape and open office spread sheet.

Process behind this is:

  • Make some sketch; in my case doodle a plan on some random scrap of paper
  • Take measurements
  • Use spread sheet to divide according to planned design
  • Draw it up in CAD
  • Export to laser and cut on paper
  • Test paper pieces for scale and fit (as well as one can test with paper)
  • Make adjustments and repeat
  • Cut latex

Assembly takes hours of gluing and random profanity before everything is neatly finished.

Optional things to do:

  • Lose sleep
  • Rush like hell
  • Meet deadline by a hair.

Hexagon pattern is a laser cut appliqué.

Cut using the Site 3 Laser cutter with latex sheeting from


Model: Fenix Targaryen   Photographer & Make-up: Jonah Fheonix

Model: Fenix Targaryen

Photographer & Make-up: Jonah Fheonix

Also on   my DeviantArt

Also on my DeviantArt

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