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SSD for the old computer

best upgrade for your old laptop:

Kingston v-series G2 SSD

Specs: SNV425-S2/64GB

  • 200MB/sec. read
  • 110MB/sec. write
  • JMicron JMF618 controller

its cheap: as low as $110 for the 64 gig (see

best part and most important here is: built in garbage collection. meaning you don't need the TRIM command. this is great for winxp or linux.

full review about the drive can be found here: With the important bit on the second last page

i'm running one in my main system: Ubuntu 10.04 its only been there for a few weeks but so far no slow down. have a second sitting on my desk waiting to be installed in my mom's laptop (winxp)

Posted on July 20, 2010 and filed under Hardware.