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Hexagon outfit

This kit was designed entirely with CAD software. Nothing fancy just take measurements and make curves. Basic pattern making skill here (need to work on that).

Free tools for this would be inkscape and open office spread sheet.

Process behind this is:

  • Make some sketch; in my case doodle a plan on some random scrap of paper
  • Take measurements
  • Use spread sheet to divide according to planned design
  • Draw it up in CAD
  • Export to laser and cut on paper
  • Test paper pieces for scale and fit (as well as one can test with paper)
  • Make adjustments and repeat
  • Cut latex

Assembly takes hours of gluing and random profanity before everything is neatly finished.

Optional things to do:

  • Lose sleep
  • Rush like hell
  • Meet deadline by a hair.

Hexagon pattern is a laser cut appliqué.

Cut using the Site 3 Laser cutter with latex sheeting from


Model: Fenix Targaryen   Photographer & Make-up: Jonah Fheonix

Model: Fenix Targaryen

Photographer & Make-up: Jonah Fheonix

Also on   my DeviantArt

Also on my DeviantArt

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