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30 min toilet paper holder

Today I made a quick and simple toilet paper holder.

I got sick of the toilet paper getting wet sitting on the counter so I decided to fix this problem. First I took some quick measurements and came up with a designed. The resulting CAD file is fairly simple, there is an outline in red layer that is completely cut through. There are also some cross lines (purple layer) that are scored on to mark where to bend.

Fresh out of the laser cutter I used a heat gun to soften it around the score marks. Both marks needed to be bent at 90°, luckily this is a very easy angle to get, I used the edge of my kitchen counter. After it was bent I gave it a few minutes to cool and then it was ready to be mounted on the wall.

The material used here is 1/4 inch clear acrylic, which is a good balance between strength and workability. I also considered using wood, but that would have needed more complicated joints.

Posted on June 21, 2014 .