Lasers are fun.

I recently joined a grate group called Site 3. The motivation was to use their laser engraving machine but i am also finding it awesome to get to know a smart, creative bunch of people.

Last night after an hour of testing and tuning I was able to cut sheet latex without cutting the tape backing.  The latex is to be an appliqué on a latex garment. The point of the tape backing is so that I can clean and glue in one piece and then just stick it down without any stretching or distortion.

The blue photo shows a test for glowing armour that I will attach to my boots. It is made from 1/4'' acrylic and each panel will have one blue LED embedded into it.

Honeycomb  appliqué

Honeycomb appliqué

Boot armor test

Boot armor test

Posted on October 20, 2010 .