Latex bracelet

I made some nifty new/old bracelets. They are new because I just made them but also old because it’s comes from forgotten design pulled from the black depths of my hard drive.  I cut three versions: latex, leather and neoprene.

The latex cut wonderfully (as it usually does), the leather and neoprene cut but not as nicely. The leather is thick moose hide. It can be cut but becomes rather burnt when trying to get all the way through the leather. The neoprene is also troublesome, It has a high carbon content (chemical resistant industrial grade) and I didn't care to put in the time to tune everything to get it to cut nicely.

The latex on is in the photo to the right.

The leather one has an aluminium insert.

The plan for the neoprene is a stainless plate.

Latex version with a simple black insert

Latex version with a simple black insert

Posted on November 10, 2010 .