Back lit 8-bit latex lace

Here i have created a laser cut latex t-shirt. The tottenkitten logo is back lit by a silicone diffuser that contains 3 ws2811 5mm through hole LEDs.

video of fire effect here:


LED backlit 8-bit lace

Controller, battery and charger:

Controller is an adafruit trinket; paired with Li-pol backpack charger. The can above the charger is a simple vibration sensor (spring in a can). Charger and trinket are connected with bent pin headers to create a simple bus bar for easy connection of power and ground wires.  Whole kit is wrapped in leather and riveted closed.

Trinket and charger

Controller pack and diffuser:

The controller pack closed up with rivets and magnets glued to the surface for easy mounting inside the top. The diffuser is silicone poured out onto plastic then pre-soldered LED's inserted while the silicone was still soft. extra pour on top to seal in the LEDs.

Diffuser and controller
Posted on February 3, 2015 .