LED Cat ears

RGB LED lit kitty ears.

The ears are made of out laser cut latex and EVA foam. Magnets embedded to easily attach them to different mounting devices.

Lighting is done with WS2812 (neopixels) RGB LED's. Lights are controlled with atTiny85 (adafruit trinket)

LED ears blue

Here is the battery pack and the inside of the ears. Used LED strip for simplicity flexible and also keeps any copper elements away from the latex inside the silicone case of the LED strip.


Battery pack is wrapped in leather. Hand stitched with 3 pin molex connector and a magnet for stabilization. inside the pack is a trinket, 500 mah battery and charger. Controls are power switch, tactile button and simple vibration sensor. This allows selecting of modes and for light patterns to react to movement.

Posted on May 24, 2015 .